RuiZhou Conveyor belts/Cutting Underlays
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RuiZhou Conveyor belts/Cutting Underlays

High Quality Cutting underlay for static cutters. Specially developed for a high quality cutting and accuracy exigencies, offer a high air transmission level, a strong grip coefficient and a optimum resistance to the cut long life. Specially recommended for an intensive productive activity.

We offer different cutting underlays starting from 4,0 mm (Vidon brown/grey / black). Protecting tools and cutter surface. From the roll or cut to size if needed.Some are available as endless rolls with a with of 160 cm or 150 / 120/105 cm x 100meter length. This can save you lots from cutting to shipping cost.

If you are not sure which type of material you need, please send us your sample material. ASK FOR YOUR FREE SAMPLE. Shipping and sampling is free of charge worldwide for you to compare.
Conveyorband can be offered for your own installation or with our service. EXACT size in mm is required to verify proper size.

If you have more questions to know ,please contact us . 
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We warmly welcome every customer to send us drawings for making customized product.  
Contact with us ,you will get more than what you can ! 
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