Blackman & White Charcoal Felt Matting
Blackman & White Charcoal Felt Matting,Blackman & White Felt Matting,Blackman & White Matting,Charcoal Felt Matting

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Blackman & White Charcoal Felt Matting

Our charcoal felt is a general purpose sacrificial cutting surface used across our machine range. Matting comes in a standard width of 155cm x 4mm thick and in  prepacked rolls of 20 metres. 

Standard lengths :-

BWIPAQ5 - 5m
BWIPAQ10 - 10m
BWIPAQ10 - 20m

Weight per metre: 3kg approx
Full roll (20m) weight: 60kg approx.

Single rolls can be sent as freight, multiple rolls may require palletising.

We offer different cutting underlays starting from 4,0 mm (Vidon brown/grey / black). Protecting tools and cutter surface. From the roll or cut to size if needed.Some are available as endless rolls with a with of 160 cm or 150 / 120/105 cm x 100meter length. This can save you lots from cutting to shipping cost.

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Conveyor belts/Cutting Underlay Connection method :

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