Leather Cutting Knives/Knife Blades
нож для резки кожи / лезвиеLeather Cutting Knives/Knife Blades Coupe - cuir / lame Noże tnące/Noże do cięcia skóry Schneidmesser/Messer aus Leder Messen en messen voor leder Pisau Memotong Kulit/Pedang Pisau Coltelli da taglio in pelle/lame da coltello Pisau Memotong Kulit/Pedang Pisau

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OYEA  manufacture the standard and custom leather cutting knives and blades. All of our standard leather cutting knives are manufactured to exceed the exact OEM standards. ATOM, Comelz, ELITRON, WILD, ZUND, TESEO, TALAMONTI, CUTMAX, ESCO, SUMMAR,MM SOLUTION, EASTMAN, GRAPHTEC, KURIS, BULLMER, ROLAND, PRO TEC, GERBER Cutter, S.M.R.E, FK group,  Multicam Knives, Lectra Cutter Blade/Knives, Talamoni Cutter Blade/Knives, Mimaki Cutter Blades/Knives etc. There are many types of this blade and also has a lot of named blades, such as rotary, oscillating blade, plotter blade, Swivel Blade, shaft blade, flat blade, serrated blade etc.

Company Information
  • 8years of experience in the manufacture of industrial  blades
  • Blade dispenser enables blades to be safely removed individually
  • Customer-specific livery possible and individual packaging
  • supper sharpness and long cutting life  
  • Single-sided and double-sided blades are available
  • Materials and hard coating to customer specification   

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