Esko/Kongsberg Bld-Sr8184 Knife Blade G34104398
Esko/Kongsberg Bld-Sr8184 Knife Blade G34104398 Knife Blades Scian Ar Ais Nóż z powrotem Messerklingen Лезвия ножа Lames de couteau 나이프 블레이드 Mesbladen Čepele nožů Lame de cuțit Pisau Lâminas de faca ナイフの刃 Оштрице ножа Čepele nožov Rezila nožev ใบมีด Леза ножа Hojas de cuchillo Kés pengék Lame di col… Enquire now
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Esko/Kongsberg Bld-Sr8184 Knife Blade G34104398


For RM knife tools only. For cutting thin paper and folding carton. Works well on very "fragile" and "porous" materials such as beer coasters with a lot of recycled content. Long life tungsten carbide. Nominal lag value is 4mm.

Cutting Info
Material Thickness Method
Carpet materials w/ rubber backing < 4mm Static
Folding carton Static
Paper < 160g/m2 Static
Porous paper (beer coasters) Static

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